Season 1: Fancy Baby Birds

Fancy Birds Breeding Tutorial

A Common egg may not be the best, but the hatched baby is still a winner!

How to Breed

  • Go to the Breeding Page on Fancy Birds website and connect to the Polygon network
  • You will need two Genesis Fancy Birds in order to breed that are not in cool-down, enter a Name for the Baby Bird, and then click Breed. Please check Fancy Breeding for full details!
The Following subsections will explain how the entire process works you will have different options that you can use to if you want to breed! Even if you do not own 2 genesis birds you will be able to rent one for the sole purpose of breeding.
  • Mare Breeding Allows you to rent birds just to get an egg, this way you get higher chances to breed a mutant!
  • Mass Breeding If you own a larger quantity of birds you might want to use this feature to breed multiple birds at once.
  • Select from my birds: As the name says, you will select from your own Genesis birds. You can combine this one with Mare Breed.
An example of Mare Breeding
If you selected Mare Breeding, you will see both the renting costs and the price costs for the Breeding process. You can pay for Mare Breed with sFNC, FNC and USDC
Select either FNC or sFNC to pay for breeding, and then click Pay. Afterwards press Confirm for the transaction to go through.
You will see a total of both your sFNC and FNC balances, chose one in order to go to the next step.
Confirm and you're done!
Once you confirmed the transaction, you will be able to go to Eggs section to see the results of Breed, it might take a few mins for the Egg to show up, you can also see it on OpenSea. Each egg will contain a 24h Timer until it can be hatched.

Mass Breeding

Mass Breeding simplifies the Breeding process by allowing you to select more than 2 birds, Current Mass Breeding Limit is 40 pairs (80 total birds). Select the mass Breeding Section and click Select Birds
You will be able to select up to 80 birds, that equals 40 pairs. Filters will allow you to sort them by
All Mutant Legendary Full Set Breeding Charges left Rarity
Second screen will allow you to add more birds or move birds around as you please. You will see a percentage change to breed either a Mutation or a Legendary Baby Bird. It will also include the total amount of FNC or sFNC that you have to pay. Press Breed x pairs to start the process:
Here you will see the total amount of what you will have to pay for the Mass Breeding. You may have to Approve FNC or sFNC in your wallet before you go.
Confirm transaction and you're ready to go!
Success! Now head to Eggs to see the results of Mass Breeding, remember that it might take a few mins for them to show up.

Eggs Hatching and Customization

You can click each egg to customize and Hatch, or you can Hatch directly if you do not wish to change its name. Each egg will have a 24h timer since the moment it was created. After that it can be hatched and the bird traits will show. The Baby Bird does not have to be hatched after 24 hours, the owner can choose to keep the baby egg unhatched or trade the baby egg on the marketplace.
In the following screen you will have the option to change your bird name, to hatch, to see the baby parents, or to follow the bird to Opensea! Cost for name change: 50 FNC or 60 sFNC
Once you pressed Hatch, confirm the transaction in your wallet and you should receive the following message within a few mins. After that you should be able to see the new Baby Bird in My Birds section.
Congratulations on your new Baby!
There are various Baby Egg Color variants and traits, depending on the parents used to breed, please use the tabs below to view all 10 type of eggs you could possibly breed!
Traits: COMMON
Traits: MUTATED (1 parent mutant)
Traits: DOUBLE MUTATED (2 Mutant Parents)
Traits: COLLABORATION EGG (Both Parents are the SAME Collab Bird. Ex. 2 YGG Parents)
Traits: LEGENDARY (1 Legendary Parent)
Traits: DOUBLE LEGENDARY (2 Legendary Parents)
Traits: LEGENDARY, MUTANT EGG (1 parent Legendary, 1 parent Mutant)
Traits: LEGENDARY, DOUBLE MUTANT EGG (1 Parent a Legendary Mutant, 1 Parent Mutant)
Traits: DOUBLE LEGENDARY, MUTANT EGG (1 Parent Legendary Mutant, 1 Parent Legendary)
Traits: DOUBLE LEGENDARY, DOUBLE MUTANT EGG (Both Parents Legendary Mutants)
Note: A certain Egg Type does NOT guarantee the chances of an off spring being a mutant or legendary, it only represents the parents. However, the odds are increased. Legendary parents can still have common baby birds, but the chances of having a legendary baby bird are greater when using legendary parents. Please see the following article for a detailed odd breakdown:
Where will the FNC go from Breeding?
sFNC used to breed will be 100% burned.
FNC used to breed will be kept in the Breeding Contract (to be linked in docs after it is deployed). The FNC will not be used at all until the full revenue distribution model is decided or proposed.
Game Launch
You can breed here:
The game is live here: