FNC Staking
The Birdnest staking portal allows anyone to deposit their FNC tokens and FNC/ETH LPs to start earning rewards.
Important Details
  • Staking is currently available at https://staking.fancybirds.io/
  • Staking Pools deposits opened on Friday, Dec. 17th at 1PM EST for both FNC and FNC/ETH LP
  • Staking Rewards have officially start counting on Saturday, Dec. 18th at 1PM EST
  • Staking rewards will be distributed every day at 1PM UTC starting on Sunday, Dec. 19th
Staking information
  • 10% of total supply will be used for staking in the first year
  • FNC Rewards will be vested for the first year on each claim OR:
  • Rewards can be claimed as sFNC to use for in-game utility (breeding, tournaments, marketplace, etc). sFNC will hold an extra weight for in-game utility.
  • Underlying FNC will be burned if claimed for sFNC in-game utility. This includes utility in the flagship Fancy Birds, as well as future play-2-earn arcade games on the platform.
  • FNC staking rewards will continue for 3 years from launch. (Dec. 18th, 2021)
  • For FNC stakers, first year is half of reserved tokens. Years 2 and 3 will be the remaining half. (20% of total)
Revenue Sharing
  • FNC stakers will receive a 100% of all in-game revenues!
Staking Options & Rewards
The staking contract is inspired by the flow of both Iluvium and Merit Circle. We believe in using already robust and secure smart contracts that focus on the same vision we have for staking: allowing for a time-weighted structure for rewarding stakers.
  • 20% of staking rewards will be provided to FNC
  • 80% will be given to FNC/ETH LP Create LP here.
Before committing to staking, users can choose lockups between 0 months (Flexible) and 12 months (locked). The longer a user stakes, the more weight they have in each staking pool for earning capabilities.
For example:
  • A Flexible pool staker gets a weighted score of 1 for not locking up their FNC or FNC LP
  • A lockup of 6 months results in a weight of 1.5
  • A lockup of 12 months results in a weight score of 2
Reward vesting
Since FNC will be long term token for Fancy Games DAO — as the governance token for all future games, we want to reward long term holders of the project. This is why there will be a significant amount of supply given in the first year (at 10%), and also a 1 year vesting period on rewards. Guilds, scholars, and long term players are welcome to stake to earn sFNC which will be used with an extra weight for breeding and in-game usage.
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