Fancy Breeding

sFNC vs FNC ratio

We received quite a bit of feedback on the final sFNC ratio being at a premium when it comes to breeding. We realize some of this information may conflict with previous iterations of our planned announcements, but as a growing project, we are adaptive and always searching for better solutions to improve the long-term health of the project ecosystem. After consulting with multiple experts, it was decided that a slight tweak to the sFNC weight relative to FNC would be advantageous to the project in the long run, with the goal of giving the FNC token more price support while still offering attractive utility for sFNC holders.
sFNC and FNC will be at a 1.1x : 1x ratio weight within the game as seen in the diagram above.
The main reasoning for this change from the previous article:
  1. 1.
    We want to encourage players to stake FNC, which shows long-term support for the Fancy Games ecosystem. We believe stakers should have balanced options of whether deciding to claim sFNC immediately or waiting to unlock their vested FNC rewards over a year. Thus, having too large of a difference in value between sFNC and FNC could lead to skewed behavior. We want to offer attractive rewards via FNC as well as Synthetic FNC.
  2. 2.
    We also want to incentivize players to use their earned FNC rewards and for in-game use (Battle Passes, Loot Boxes, Marketplace, and future in-game mechanics) versus just trading it on the market. We believe if more players use FNC to spend on breeding and in-game use versus selling into the open market, the price of the FNC token will have less volatility, which should support the project and future earning abilities of players.
  3. 3.
    Lastly, as sFNC is already trading at a discount on the secondary market, we did not want the discount between sFNC and FNC to become too large. Therefore, by increasing the relative value of sFNC, we hope to decrease the discount of sFNC on the secondary market. This hopefully can incentivize stakers to claim sFNC more, which will burn the underlying FNC, which will help FNC’s long-term tokenomics.
FAQ: How will the FNC and sFNC be used after it is spent on breeding?
  • 100% of the net profits of FNC used towards breeding will be given through revenue distribution to FNC and FNC/ETH SLP stakers.
  • Synthetic FNC (sFNC) will burn the underlying FNC. We plan to provide details on the amount of FNC that is being burned every week from the open market. Note: As of writing this article, about 1.35 million sFNC has been minted.

Season 1 Breeding — Baby Fancy Birds

Moving on to the specifics of breeding — Each breeding cycle will correspond with Seasons of Fancy Birds. As a reminder, only Genesis Birds can breed together (baby birds cannot breed).
Season 1 will be Baby Fancy Birds — which lasts until either A) 2 full breeding cycles are completed at maximum breeding possible (i.e. Genesis Birds breed 4 times each month) OR B) May 1st, 2022 at 12:00am UTC.
This means there will be a maximum of 35,552 Baby Birds for the full set if all Genesis Fancy Birds are bred to their full capacity (4444 x 8), OR whatever the number of Baby Birds under the maximum may be by May 1st.
Within this subset there will be a maximum of:
100 Rare Sets (~0.28%) | Within the 100 Rare Full Sets, there will be subsets of:
  • 15 New Unique Legendaries
  • 15 baby versions of Genesis Legendaries
  • 10 New Legendaries with 2 color variants [ex. 1 new legendary with 2 color variants]
  • 50 Full Sets
888 Mutants (~2.5%) | Within the 888 Mutants, there will be subsets of:
  • 10 Legendary Mutations
  • 50 Epic Mutations
  • 228 Rare Mutations
  • 600 Common Mutations
Note: If the full amount of Legendaries or Mutants are not minted by the end of Season 1 breeding, the remaining will be auctioned off and proceeds distributed via staking revdis.
Every bird will start its own 30-day timer for a breeding cycle on its first breed. Each breed will automatically apply a 5-day breeding cool down on each bird, during this time birds can still be used to earn and play. The unhatched eggs will have a 24-hour cool-down until they can be revealed by the owner.

Genesis Mutant Breeding

There will be an additional advantage to breeding a mutant if the parent is a mutant or two mutants.
Single mutants will get a 25% extra chance of a mutant on top of the Base %
Two mutants will get a 50% extra chance of a mutant on top of the Base %
Scenario 1: |Breed 3 Mutant with any other Breed 2 non-mutant
Breed 3 Mutant 3.5% * (1.25) = 4.375% chance of a Mutation Trait Breed 2 Non-Mutant = 2.5% chance of a Mutation Trait
Total % chance to get a mutant for parents = (4.375 + 2.5) / 2 = 3.4375%
Scenario 2: |Breed 3 Mutant with a Breed 4 Mutant
Breed 3 Mutant 3.5% * (1.5) = 5.25% chance of Mutation Trait Breed 4 Mutant 5.0% * (1.5) = 7.50% chance of Mutation Trait
Total % chance to get a mutant for parents = (5.25 + 7.50) / 2 = 6.375%

Genesis Rare Set Breeding

There will also be an additional advantage to breeding a rare set if the parent is a legendary or full set.
Single Legendaries get a 50% extra chance of a Rare Set on top of the Base %
Two Legendaries combined get a 100% extra chance of a Rare Set on top of the Base %
Full Sets will get an extra 20% chance of a Rare Set on top of the Base %, regardless of whether 1 or 2 full sets breed together.
Scenario 1: |Breed 3 Legendary with a Breed 2 Full Set
Breed 3 Legendary 0.3% * (1.5) = 0.45% chance of a Rare Set Breed 2 Full Set 0.15% * (1.2) = 0.18% of a Rare Set
Total % chance to getting a Rare Full Set = (0.45 + 0.18) / 2 = 0.315%
Scenario 2: |Breed 3 Legendary with Breed 2 Legendary
Breed 3 Legendary 0.30% * (2) = 0.6% chance of a Rare Set Breed 4 Legendary 0.75% * (2) = 1.5% chance of a Rare Set
Total % chance to get a mutant for parents = (1.5 + 0.60) / 2 = 1.05%
Note: Although there will not be any in-game advantages to playing Fancy Birds or future mini-games with legendary or mutants, apart from cosmetics (and more earning capabilities for mutants), there will be special tournaments and exclusive access given to Legendaries and Mutants. Exclusive access can mean guaranteed reservation for new skins and in-game items, beta testing access for new games, and more in the future.