Safe Links and Contracts
Please make sure you use only the links here in order to avoid getting scammed
Telegram announcements: Charts and Contracts
CMC: Coingecko: FNC contract:0x7f280dac515121dcda3eac69eb4c13a52392cace NFT Genesis Contract: 0xad59ecb77033391e847cc96829b08beb83151088 Opensea Genesis collection: NFT Baby Birds Contract:0xdC5Ffeb686f3CC6a3fB68848Ab9F4B3a9FFA6736 Opensea Baby Birds collection:
Where to buy FNC: Ethereum FNC: Polygon Network FNC: Quickswap is temporary unsafe. Do not swap. Please clear out your browser cache for both phone and web version, delete all temporary files and don't enter their swap until they announce is all clear.
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