Road Map

Short Term Roadmap

  • Currently working on beta testing the Rental and Guild dashboards. *Note: If you have at least 30+ genesis birds in a single wallet and are NOT part of the existing collaboration birds, you can still join in the beta program by becoming part of the “Flock” group on Discord.
  • Multiplayer Mode (live races)
  • Marketplace
  • Game 2 development codename “Launchpad” — this will be an extension of FancyBirds allowing you to use your bird to play another game. It will contain a separate earning system and collectable items that will be used in future updates for Nests/Land. It will be a “jumper” style game and is currently in development. More details soon!
  • BattleBirds is our in-house lottery system that will serve to provide another use case for sFNC and reward our stakers with additional revenue distribution.

Long Term Roadmap

  • 2021 Q4
  • FNC Launch
  • NFT Partnerships
  • FNC Staking Metaverse Plot
  • 2022 Q1
  • Genesis Mint
  • Game Launch
  • Marketplace
  • Multi-player
  • 2022 Q2
  • New Game Modes
  • Fancy Land
  • Mobile App
  • Tournaments