Fancy Birds is the flagship game of the Fancy Games platform. Fancy Birds is a side-scrolling, mobile game with 8,888 randomly generated NFT birds that fly through levels while avoiding obstacles to earn their spot as “the fanciest bird in the nest”.
Fancy Birds can be flown by tapping the touchscreen on your phone or hitting the spacebar to keep your bird aloft. Each successful pass through a pair of obstacles will award the player one point. Colliding with an obstacle ends the level and resets the game loop.
The farther you fly and the more quests you complete, the more you can earn.
Game Launch
  • 2:00pm EST on Thursday, March 3rd, 2022!
  • First daily tournament will launch 24 hours later
Version 1 of the Game Launch includes:
  • Breeding
  • Daily and Weekly Quests
  • Daily Tournament
  • Leaderboard (Season & Tournament)
  • Free 2 Play Bird
  • Ability to earn/withdraw FNC
  • Android APK
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