Earning Potential for Fancy Birds

There will be a few different ways to earn FNC to start:
  • Daily Challenges: There will be 3 Daily Challenges each day for Fancy Birds to earn 3 FNC each. This accounts for 9 FNC per day per bird. Mutants will earn 4 FNC each for daily challenges, accounting for 12 FNC per day per bird on daily challenges. *Note: Daily challenges are expected to take 30 minutes of playing time each day on average and are randomized daily for each bird.
Weekly Challenges: There will be 2 weekly challenges for each bird, earning 3 FNC each, for a total of 6 FNC per week. Mutants will earn 4 FNC each for weekly challenges, for a total of 8 FNC per week.
  • Daily Check-In: 1 FNC per day per bird. However, a player can only claim if all 7 daily check-ins are completed (i.e. if a player only has 6 check-ins, they do not get any rewards). A check-in can be done by scoring at least 1 point.
  • There is no limit on the number of birds one account can play with each day.
  • Baby Birds during Season 1 will earn the same amount as Genesis Birds for the first month. After the first month, the Season 1 Baby Birds in aggregate will be capped to 200k FNC total per day indefinitely, divided evenly based on quest completion percentages.
In-Game FNC
By clicking the Inventory button on the game console, we can see 3 different types of tokens in-game. Starting from the left, these represent in-game FNC, FNC, and sFNC.
In-game FNC is earned within each user’s account after completing daily/weekly challenges as well as from any earnings from Tournaments. The FNC and sFNC shown are from the user’s wallet.
In-game FNC will be airdropped as FNC every 2 weeks. However, in-game FNC can be used within the game ecosystem before the airdrop period, allowing players to utilize the FNC during the lock up. In the near future, in-game FNC may have extra value compared with FNC and/or be the only token used to enter exclusive tournaments.
Opt-In for Rewards Airdrop
Anytime a user chooses to receive their in-game FNC during the 2-week window, they can ‘opt-in’ from the Inventory tab on the game. This will enable them to receive an airdrop of FNC on the next airdrop distribution date.
Fancy Games DAO will host daily tournaments on FancyBirds from March 4th onwards. The daily cash prize pool will have 1000 USDC and 5000 FNC (subject to change).
The ticket cost per attempt will be 1 FNC. In-Game FNC can also be used. There will also be packages available as part of bundles. For the first three days only, March 3rd to March 6th, there will be a cost of 3 FNC for unlimited tries after free tickets have been used as a welcome bonus.
Free Daily Tournament Tickets will be given to each account daily:
  • 1 Ticket per Fancy Baby Birds
  • 2 Tickets per Genesis Fancy Birds
  • 3 Tickets per Mutant (Baby or Genesis)
  • 4 Tickets per Legendary (Baby or Genesis)
Each account can use any bird to play in the tournament for all tickets received.
10% of each tournament ticket is added to the DAO Treasury. 90% of each tournament ticket is added to the prize pool.
Daily Tournaments The daily tournaments will allow users to get rewarded and showcase their skill to others. At present, daily tournaments will reward the top 15% of players with the highest scores. In V2 of Fancy Birds, we plan to host a variety of tournaments with different payouts and entry limits in addition to the normal daily tournament.
Special Tournaments There will also be larger special tournaments held separately. Throughout the months we will plan larger prize pool tournaments for the community and for those that excel on our leaderboards. Some tournaments might be invite-only based on users’ previous high scores or tournament performance.
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